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Oom Yung Doe Grand Master Iron Kim demonstrates Kyong Gong Sul Bope
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Weekend Seminars

A mini-version of the week-long seminar, the weekend seminar consists of traditional Moo Doe movements, forms, specific herbal extracts and teas, herbal practice equipment, and pressure points. Each seminar is designed by Grandmaster “Iron” Kim to focus on a specific aspect of training. The Weekend Seminars are overseen by Head National Instructors, and taught by National and Regional level Instructors. This training is an opportunity for students to take advantage of a short, focused amount of time to gain similar benefits as that of the week-long seminar. Along with the physical training are discussions on the Chung Doe principles that traditional Moo Doe follows, with practical application and insights into past experiences by higher-level Instructors.

Ho Sam Coo Chum Bope Ho Sam Coo Chum Bope
Ho Sam Coo Chum Bope, Seattle 2000. Yu Dong Myung Sang, San Diego 2000.
Nae Gong Foundation
Nae Gong Foundation, San Diego 2000. Weekend Seminar, Cape Cod.
Sang Chung
Sang Chung in mountains of New Hampshire.
Sparring techniques Weapons seminar
Sparring techniques practiced for balance, Seattle 1999. Weapons seminar, Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
Pal Gae Ho Sam Cha Chom Bope
Pal Gae, Seattle 1999. Ho Sam Cha Chom Bope, San Diego.


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