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Oom Yung Doe Grand Master Iron Kim demonstrates Kyong Gong Sul Bope
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Week-long Seminars

A full week of Chung Doe Level training consists of traditional Moo Doe movements, forms, specific herbal extracts and teas, herbal practice equipment, and pressure points. Each seminar is designed by Grandmaster “Iron” Kim for a specific purpose: to match the natural environment (at the location where the seminar is held). The Week Long Seminar is overseen by Head National Instructors and taught by National and Regional level Instructors. With balanced movement and the proper environment, one can absorb the healing power of nature. An entire week fully dedicated to practice, with advanced guidance and direction from higher-level Instructors, gives the individual optimal benefit in a very short period of time. Along with the physical training are discussions on the Chung Doe principles followed by traditional Moo Doe, with practical application and insights into past experiences by higher-level Instructors.

Week long group photo Week long group photo
Hundreds of students have benefited from the National Weeklong Seminars held each year.
Yuk Hap Gil Quan Ho Sam Coo Chum Bope
Yuk Hap Gil Quan, Colorado 1999. Ho Sam Coo Chum Bope, Sedona 1998.
Bu Chae
Bu Chae, Colorado 1999.
Young Doo San Quan Nae Gong Foundation
Young Doo San Quan, Colorado 2000. Nae Gong Foundation, Colorado 2000.
Chung Wan Chung Yu Dong Myung Sang
Chung Wan Chung, Colorado 2000. Yu Dong Myung Sang, Colorado 2000.


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