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Oom Yung Doe Grand Master Iron Kim demonstrates Kyong Gong Sul Bope
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Chung Doe Level Training

This training is overseen by Head National Instructors and taught by specially-trained National level Instructors. Chung Doe Level Training is an integral part of traditional Moo Doe. Students cannot achieve their fullest potential without this type of training. At the beginning of the lesson,training is more uniform to give an individual the basics needed for a proper foundation of mind and body. Once achieved, individuals can move into training that is specific to their individual body type. The lessons are comprised of internal foundation movements and forms for more complete and balanced development.

Nae Gong Foundation movements Nae Gong Foundation movements
Correct breathing techniques practiced during Nae Gong Foundation movements. Nae Gong Foundation movements
San Diego 2000.
Kom Do Muk
Kom Do Muk is one of the forms taught at a Chung Doe Level training lesson.
Nae Gong Foundation in Colorado
Nae Gong Foundation movements are taught at the Chung Doe Level lessons.
Nae Gong Foundation movements
weapons movement weapons movement
Nae Gong Foundation movements
San Diego 2000.
A main hyung or weapon form is taught along with Nae Gong foundation movements for complete and balanced development.


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