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Traditional Moo Doe

Oom Yung Doe Grand Master Iron Kim demonstrates Kyong Gong Sul Bope
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Traditional Moo Doe

Over the last twenty years, lessons have evolved as knowledge is passed. Schools have used the names: Oom Yung, Chung Moo, Chong Moo Doe Whey, Ship Pal Gae, and 8 Martial Arts Taught As One. The name a school uses is their choice.

Attain Ones (Original) Object

Oom Yung Doe (True Martial Arts)

In the past, lessons were directed at the majority of students. In order for everyone to learn, countless repetition was needed. Because of the repetition, students who fell behind had an opportunity to catch up. Balanced and complete forms and movements were taught so practitioners would improve correctly. However, the degree of improvement depended on how well that form or movement fit the individual student.

This lesson system has not changed, but now has been upgraded to enable students to progress more quickly. Students who are more willing and able to practice properly can elect to take a specially designed Chung Doe level program that fits their specific body type. This enables the student to progress faster to true Moo Doe strength and skill.

This new enhancement could be compared to a public education versus a private education. The original training is like a public school that accepts everyone. Students there can only progress as fast as the majority is capable of learning.

The new, upgraded training is like a private school. Talented students who are willing to work harder, and want to progress more rapidly, can do so with specially-designed Chung Doe level training programs.

Only through proper Moo Doe training is it possible for the body, mind and spirit to come together as one. Once this unity is achieved, the individual is very powerful, and remains so throughout life. With this, the strength of character he or she attains will enable him or her to enjoy life to the fullest.

strength development strength development

Strength development is an important part of Moo Doe training. In this demonstration, the body was slowly lowered down and back up again several times while holding two tree stumps together weighing approximately 100 pounds. The mind and body must work as one to execute this movement.


Flexibility and coordination are among the many benefits derived from proper training.

A beginner is not able to combine body, mind and spirit as one. Each part of the body will work in separate, uncoordinated ways. The higher the level a student has reached,the more quickly the student is able to combine the body, mind and spirit. For example, with proper training, a 5th degree black belt can very quickly combine the body, mind and spirit as one. A 7th to 8th degree black belt, with proper training, will combine body, mind and spirit immediately, and the body will then be at full strength (the body turns into a very powerful weapon). In a 9th degree black belt and higher, offense and defense will be entirely by reflex (faster than a person can think).

No matter how long you work at it, you will only develop partially through exercise. You will begin to lose strength by your mid-forties. Without true Moo Doe practice, you will never achieve the unity of body, mind and spirit.

It is very difficult to find a Grandmaster who will teach true Moo Doe because they are very selective as to whom they teach. It takes many years to be certain if a student is suitable in all ways. If the student is fully capable, the Grandmaster will gradually teach the Hyung sequences. Then, if the student continues to progress, the Grandmaster will slowly teach the true Moo Doe foundation that fits the individual. It is common for some traditional Moo Doe Grandmasters to teach true Moo Doe foundation movements first. Others teach the Hyung sequences first.

The most important aspect of true Moo Doe is the foundation. The only way to achieve tremendous flexibility, coordination, strength and speed is through a true Moo Doe foundation. The body then unites mentally, physically and spiritually as one. With the proper foundation, true Moo Doe is complete and miraculous strength can be attained. Hyung sequences without a true Moo Doe foundation are like a body without any bones.


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