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Oom Yung Doe Grand Master Iron Kim demonstrates Kyong Gong Sul Bope
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My Philosophy for Success in Life

Practicing on a rock in the mountains

I believe in the principles of the mountain and the water. Just like the mountain and the water, I know who I am and what I believe. My beliefs cannot be changed. I can be attacked by wind or fire and all other destructive forces, but they fall before me. Though these dark forces try to change me, to rob me of my destiny; I cannot be changed because I am like the mountain and the water. I have survived numerous attacks and endured great pain, but my spirit has always been at peace because I am like the mountain and the water. I am in harmony. My mind transcends my body. It is true Moo Doe that has brought me this peace and strength, as it has done for so many others throughout the centuries. It is true Moo Doe that provides the miraculous daily life benefits for those who truly believe and are willing to study.

The same Moo Doe that has been practiced by true Grandmasters for centuries has always been my spiritual guide and inspiration. For me the Moo Doe morals are the mountain and the water. Living by Moo Doe morals has given me great success of mind and body throughout my life. As a result of my successes, there are two things I want to accomplish. First, I want to pass down the teachings of true Moo Doe to future generations in the United States. I want many others to experience the same benefits that I have felt: to experience harmony in their relationships, family, work, religion and much more. If it is destined, I will find the right instructors to pass down my Moo Doe knowledge. Second, I want to pass down the Moo Doe therapy and cures for many ailments. Just like the mountain and the water, this Moo Doe knowledge, passed down to the right individuals, will endure through time and continue to benefit people generation after generation, long after I'm gone. I believe this is a way to have success in my life.

Grandmaster “Iron” Kim


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