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Oom Yung Doe Grand Master Iron Kim demonstrates Kyong Gong Sul Bope
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Two Paths: Chung Doe and Pa Doe

Throughout the history of Moo Doe in East Asia, there are two paths that Moo Doe can follow. One is “Chung Doe” or the “right path” and the other is “Pa Doe” or the “wrong path.” Chung Doe is one of the main principles of correct Moo Doe.


Practitioners who follow Chung Doe value the principles of honor, integrity, loyalty and compassion above all else, and live their lives accordingly. Someone who follows the Chung Doe of Moo Doe fully considers the consequences of their actions on others involved before making any decision. When Moo Doe follows Chung Doe, the focus in on building character, confidence, self-esteem and strength.

Chung Doe only uses the power of Moo Doe for the right reason (correct justice): to strengthen family relationships, friendships, deepen your religious/spiritual beliefs and enhance the quality of your daily life. Chung Doe implants a good seed of knowledge (Moo Doe morals) within the community, which bears the good fruit of right communication, compassion and integrity for the next generation. Over the centuries, a tremendous number of people have followed Chung Doe for success in their lives. This path earns the recognition of others and leaves behind the memory of a good name.

Practitioners who follow the Pa Doe (wrong) path are known for their egotism, jealousy, and lack of honor, morals, discipline and stability. Their selfishness and tendency toward instigating trouble cause them to believe in a distortion of reality that is far from the truth. So-called instructors influenced by Pa Doe would like others to believe that they acquired superior knowledge and techniques from past training with the best master, when in fact they did not. Their capability deteriorates rapidly after age forty or fifty, and they are in very poor mental and physical condition (unbalanced). As a consequence, they resort to fabricated movement, and ultimately fear exposure through such things as videos, photos, and being confronted by true Moo Doe knowledge and morals. Their students do not develop properly because the result of what they are learning is no better than a street fight.

In Pa Doe the focus is on the “violent” aspects of martial arts, with little regard for the effect of one's actions on others. Pa Doe is the “bad seed” of Moo Doe morals and implants a reputation of inferior technique and ability, uncontrolled anger and failure within the community.

Pa Doe emulates bad principles and sows bad seeds. Pa Doe is an immoral foundation based on bad principles and connects with bad spirits. Chung Doe emulates good principles and sows good seeds. Chung Doe is a moral foundation based on good principles and connects with good spirits. An important principle to understand is that regardless of the effort, someone following Pa Doe cannot connect with a good spirit.


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