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Oom Yung Doe Grand Master Iron Kim demonstrates Kyong Gong Sul Bope
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The Proper Steps for Nae Gong Practice

  1. Touch pressure points. Without touching the correct points it's very hard to achieve success. Different points can be used according to an individual's body-type, any weakness, or illness they may have.
  2. Proper sitting position.
  3. Proper hand position (there are many).
  4. Proper breathing. You must focus on correct breathing technique from the start.
  5. Face in the correct direction.
  6. Proper way to clear the mind.
  7. Proper way to bring natural energy into your body.
  8. Proper way to contain the energy derived, so as to move it to different parts of the body for removing illness. (This energy, when directed by a Master, can also be used to cure illness in others through transference.)
  9. The proper way to contain natural energy in the body in order to stay in balance for the rest of your life.

Nae Gong and Internal Muscle Development

The Moo Doe practitioner's body is unique and more like a swimmer's than a gymnast's. After age thirty, it is important not to overbuild external muscles. With proper Moo Doe training, you will develop very strong internal muscles. These may not be visibly-bulging muscles, but they will be much stronger and will not diminish with age. After age forty, overdeveloped external muscles will cause loss of flexibility, coordination and speed. This would not happen with internal Moo Doe muscles. Once you lose external muscle, you will be off-balance, lose your physique and it will be very difficult to adjust your body.

Once internal muscles are developed, very little of the condition is lost, even to age seventy, eighty and beyond. Even with little opportunity to train- or even after several months of hospitalization, the internal muscle strength remains. Internal muscles take much effort to develop, but Moo Doe is one of the fastest and best methods. When used, they are extremely powerful and visible. When not in use, the body is smooth and has a youthful appearance. This type of youthful, fit body is one of the many benefits of Moo Doe.


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