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The Proper Nae Gong Breathing

  1. Shik Sang (breathing)
    The entire body (mental and physical) combine in shik sang (breathing). The five steps to proper shik sang are as follows:
    1. Bru Sang - breathing without noise, very soft and natural.
    2. Bru Gerl - breathing continuously, not stopping.
    3. Bru Joe - smooth, not rough, soft like cotton.
    4. Say Say Meun Meun - thin like silk.
    5. Yak You Yak Moo - continuously inhaling and exhaling, without any indication or feeling as to what state you are in. Total peace - It is necessary for a higher-level instructor who understands which points match the different body types, to touch the proper points. This is the only way to achieve the miraculous strength that is possible through proper Nae Gong breathing.
  2. Ghi Sang (Ghi means breathing)
    Three types:
    1. Moo Sung - soundless breathing.
    2. Continuous inhaling and exhaling with no stopping point.
    3. Not soft, but no sound.
  3. Chun Sang
    Two types, no sound:
    1. Inhale all the way in and then pause or stop.
    2. Exhale all the way out and pause or stop.
  4. Poohn Sang (Poohn means “sound”)
    Two types:
    1. Inhale - you can hear the sound - nose.
    2. Exhale - you can hear the sound - mouth.


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