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Oom Yung Doe Grand Master Iron Kim demonstrates Kyong Gong Sul Bope
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What follows is a brief history and a very basic explanation of the meaning, the benefits, and the forms and movements that comprise Traditional Moo Doe (Martial Arts), as it has been taught and passed down over the centuries. True Moo Doe is rare, and finding someone who knows, understands and can explain true Moo Doe is equally rare. There are very few individuals today who hold correct and complete knowledge of Moo Doe. Herein contains the true definition of Moo Doe as explained by Grandmaster “Iron” Kim, one of those few individuals who genuinely understand Moo Doe knowledge. Many have claimed to know Moo Doe, but the proof is not in just what is said, but in the strength of the movement.

Anyone who has seen Grandmaster “Iron” Kim demonstrate Moo Doe movement can, perhaps, begin to understand what true strength is. Over the centuries, many generations of individuals have dedicated their entire lives to developing and teaching Moo Doe. In an age of passing interests, very few have this level of dedication and determination. The basic principles of compassion, strength, dedication, determination, patience and understanding are the heart of Moo Doe. You can choose to believe or not, but those who have practiced and gained from this ancient line of knowledge truly know.

In the next few pages, one will find a history of the Moo Doe line of knowledge in the United States. Although this line of knowledge has been taught under different names, it can be recognized by the strength of the movement. Next, is a biographical account of some of the milestones in the remarkable life of Grandmaster “Iron” Kim. Throughout history, many individuals who have dedicated their lives to helping people improve themselves have been the subject of criticism, rumor and gossip, and have been singled out as a target by those who are envious, insecure or ignorant. Grandmaster “Iron” Kim is no exception. However, in the tradition of true Moo Doe teachers, he has never once swayed from his course of dedicating his life to teaching the benefits of Moo Doe to every individual willing to try and open to learning.


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