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Oom Yung Doe Grand Master Iron Kim demonstrates Kyong Gong Sul Bope
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The History of True Moo Doe Grandmasters

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Many believe that the practice of True Moo Doe is the best way to achieve tremendous mental, physical and spiritual strength and well-being. This is one of the main reasons that the practice of Moo Doe in East Asia has been held in such high esteem throughout the centuries.

Today, around the world, there are only a very few dedicated people who have reached the level of a true Grandmaster. These individuals are unique. They are incomparable in their Moo Doe abilities. They are the true Grandmasters; and true Grandmasters are very selective as to where and to whom they pass on their knowledge.

Throughout history, true Moo Doe practitioners meticulously followed proper Moo Doe training steps. By following the proper steps, they have always achieved miraculous long-term mental, physical and spiritual strength. Throughout the centuries, every true Moo Doe Grandmaster has upgraded the Moo Doe training steps to accommodate the different needs of his generation. Upgrading was necessary to maintain the miraculous mental, physical and spiritual strengths achieved by prior generations. In this century, Grandmaster “Iron” Kim is upgrading the training steps, taking into consideration such things as: current living conditions, modern technology, the constant attack by toxic environmental forces and stress on the mind and body. Bagwa

True Grandmasters have never changed true Moo Doe principles (Chung Doe, correct path) for any reason. If these principles are altered, you are not practicing true Moo Doe. You will not achieve the miraculous mental, physical and spiritual strength of true Moo Doe. If changed, it would not be any more than basic exercise with minimal health benefit. It would be a great waste of time. Also, the older you become, the more obvious the differences will be between proper and improper training.

Many higher-level practitioners who have researched the Oom Yung (Chung Moo) style for as long as a quarter century, believe in the legends of the origin of the Oom Yung (Chung Moo) line of Masters and Grandmasters. As our research continues, and details regarding the history of traditional Moo Doe knowledge and Grandmaster “Iron” Kim are clarified, more will be released through lessons, our website and in written material.

The true test of any Moo Doe (martial art) expert’s capability and skill is not in what they say, but rather by what they can show in a demonstration of their movement. From what we have seen of Grandmaster “Iron” Kim’s demonstration of his Moo Doe movement and from his explanations of Moo Doe moral philosophy, he is a true Grandmaster of traditional Moo Doe.


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