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Oom Yung Doe Grand Master Iron Kim demonstrates Kyong Gong Sul Bope
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Beginning Meditation

The mind should be blank (pure, empty). The result is peace of mind. To reach a higher beginning meditation (12th level), one should practice one hour per day, for five days per week for one to three months.

Each meditation exercise will be different. Instructions must be followed exactly or the outcome may be more negative than positive.

Proper Meditation Breathing and Correct Position

  1. Training environment: It is important to pick the right location where natural energy is channeling to reach higher-level meditation.
    1. Desert
    2. Mountain
    3. Ocean
  2. Face proper direction during meditation.
  3. Maintain correct position during meditation.
  4. Follow proper breathing techniques throughout practice.
  5. Body searches for different natural energies.
  6. Body energy meets with natural energies.
  7. Body energy recognizes both good and bad natural energies.
  8. Good, natural energies are absorbed into body.
Go Buk in the mountains
The Colorado Rockies are an excellent location to help realize the most benefit from nature's energy while meditating.

Adverse reactions that may result due to improper or lack of practice:

  1. Very weak mentally and physically.
  2. Mentally and physically sick (often on and off).
  3. Off-balanced in the “golden years.” At this time of life, it is critical that exact lesson guidelines be followed, or a negative result (illness) will follow. Without proper instruction, it would be better not to start.

Other considerations to be aware of:

  1. There should be no tension in the body; nor a rigid, stiff posture. The concentration of tense energy to specific parts of the body may cause that part to feel hard, or like a “knot” has formed. A sensation of having a “Charlie horse” in different parts of the body will result.
  2. After meditation, the body will be very warm (sweating). Attempting to cool the body too rapidly (jumping into cold water) is very dangerous to the mind and body. It causes a loss of balance in many different parts of the body, which may result in a life of pain. It is better to let the body cool naturally (balance).


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