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Oom Yung Doe Grand Master Iron Kim demonstrates Kyong Gong Sul Bope
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Meditation Exercises

  1. Ocean: Breathe like a big wave, beginning at the top of wave, then breathe to the deeper, stronger depths to reach higher meditation levels.
  2. Mountain: Breathe like the shape of a mountain, from the base up to the peak and back down without a break. If done properly, you will feel the energy of the mountain.
  3. Desert: Breathe in three phases, like layers of sand. If done properly, you will feel the energy of the desert.

With the same person, these three different exercises will all have different effects (experiences, or reactions).

Right and Wrong Meditation Paths

Throughout Moo Doe history, meditation has always followed either the Pa Doe (wrong) or Chung Doe (right) path.

People who follow the Pa Doe path of meditation bring in negative energy that results in a lack of self-control, inner strength, peace, and credibility. They constantly try to tear down morals (goodness). In society today, as in the past, there are many people who are easily misled by others, such as unscrupulous fortunetellers. They truly believe they possess the power to help people, when in fact their thinking is negative and false. They always end up hurting those who are misled by their attempted manipulation, which in some cases, is like some kind of witchcraft.

It is very common for people to want to be somebody they are not, especially when they have no credibility. It is a means to try to prevent exposure of their inferior ability; and fill their need for recognition (it is easy to see that they can't even help themselves). Pa Doe meditation is negative and distinctive; and those who use it are incapable of demonstrating any physical strength resulting from mental powers. They are just talk. They would have as much success helping others, or reaching inner peace (spirituality) as they would have knocking a star down with a stick.

People who follow the Chung Doe path of meditation do so for the right reasons. Three of the principal reasons are: to have a better understanding of one's self, to find inner strength, peace, and spirituality; and to learn self-control. Correct meditation will bring in positive energy with the focus on character, confidence, self-esteem, and strength. Historically, it is common to take six to eight months of proper meditation before you notice the indications of change that you can relate to your daily life. However, it will take years of practice, and direction from someone of higher rank, to develop the miraculous power, understanding, control, patience, and inner strength generated by Chung Doe meditation. People who practice Chung Doe meditation are also capable of demonstrating tremendous physical strength resulting from their highly-developed mental strength.

As higher levels of meditation are reached, it is difficult to explain or describe to others what has been achieved or felt. Once someone reaches that level, the feeling is incomprehensible. It is beyond euphoria or nirvana. Once someone does achieve higher meditation strength, then tremendous lifetime mental and physical benefits are achieved. Throughout history, there have been many individuals who have attained greatness and success in their lives through meditation.

Important note: When seeking instruction for higher-level meditation, you must look for a qualified teacher.


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