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Oom Yung Doe Grand Master Iron Kim demonstrates Kyong Gong Sul Bope
One of the many...

Master “Iron” Kim Uncontested “Champion of all Asia”

demonstration of Nae Gong strength

Grandmaster “Iron” Kim demonstrating internal Nae Gong strength. This position was held for 30 minutes.

In 1956, Master “Iron” Kim did compete in and win the All Asia Championship that was held in the Cho Leung area of Pusan. It was sponsored that year by Grandmaster Wang Po. The Chinese title of Chung Moon Jik or “champion” was bestowed upon Master “Iron” Kim. The first place award that he received was called a Chung Moon Chung, which is a paper scroll with wooden rods at each end. It is inscribed with the accomplishments of the winner and carries the official seal of the tournament. Several prominent judges and martial artists were in attendance at this championship and hold in their memory the truth of this occasion.

The presiding judges were Yang Chou Fai (then a resident of Taegu), Wang Sei Kau (then a resident of Pusan) and Hwan Byung Quan (then a resident of Pusan). These three judges were originally residents of China. Also in attendance were Mok Jing Quan, from Osan, Korea; Chae Jung Su, of Dong Nae, Pusan; Park Hyun Su, of Sum Yun, Pusan; Yu Gee Han, of Taegu; Chil Sung and Park Yung-Gil of Daichon, Korea. Anyone who has knowledge of martial arts during that period will recognize the tradition of the Chung Dong Yang Moo Sul Yun Moo Dae Hwey (All Asia Championship Tournament) and the names that appear above.

After winning the All Asia Championship Tournament, Master “Iron” Kim continued to excel in martial arts form and movement. He taught others and, in fact, sponsored many of the Chun Dong Yang Moo Sul Yun Moo Dae Hwey championships; which at the time, were held in the Sum Yun area of Pusan, Korea. Other co-sponsors of these tournaments with Master “Iron” Kim were Park-Yang Su, Choe Jung Su, Sun Baek Yew and Ee Jun Yu, all having the accomplished position of Chong Sa Bu or Sa Bu (assistant master or one step below) in their respective styles. The strength of the Oom Yung line that Master “Iron” Kim demonstrated at these contests convinced other practitioners to decline challenging him in the years that he sponsored the tournament. Because he was uncontested champion during that time, Master “Iron” Kim was bestowed the honorable and respected position and title of “Chon Shim Pan Whey Won Chaeng,” or “Supreme Judge and Arbiter,” by the co-sponsors and the martial arts experts who participated in these tournaments. Even though Master “Iron” Kim did earn the title of uncontested Champion of All Asia, he felt that there was much more to learn, and thus he continued to study and develop his skills further. His ultimate hope was that all martial arts could some day be united.


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