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Oom Yung Doe Grand Master Iron Kim demonstrates Kyong Gong Sul Bope
One of the many...

“All Martial Arts United”

Martial Art Perfection

In the early 1960’s Master “Iron” Kim expanded his quest for knowledge. He traveled and sought Masters who had reached a higher level of Moo Doe knowledge. There were seven top practitioners from an elite group of about twenty Masters throughout East Asia with whom Master “Iron” Kim exchanged individual skills in the martial arts. All the names of the practitioners that appear above were part of that group of about twenty top Masters. Master “Iron” Kim’s purpose was to build his own wisdom, knowledge and understanding in the Moo Doe traditions of the eight main styles. Regardless of how far he had to travel or the difficulty of training, Master “Iron” Kim relentlessly pursued, learned and absorbed the complete knowledge of form and movement from these top practitioners. After completing the training, Master “Iron” Kim then shared his knowledge of the Oom Yung / Chung Moo style with the top members from this group. After seven years of training and sharing his knowledge with the best practitioners in East Asia, Master “Iron” Kim became one of a few elite practitioners who were well-rounded in the eight main martial art styles. He was one of several Moo Doe practitioners responsible for uniting all Moo Doe, and capable of teaching eight martial arts together as one style, or “All Martial Arts United.” Finally, after seven years, his wish of bringing together “All Martial Arts United” and the Oom Yung line became a reality. Of the hundreds of millions of people who practice martial arts in the 20th century, Master “Iron” Kim is one of approximately fifty practitioners who have achieved unprecedented fame and recognition for being the most skilled in Moo Doe.


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