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Over the centuries, hundreds of thousands of higher Moo Doe practitioners spent their lifetime experimenting, researching and refining different movements to determine which techniques developed different parts of the body, and which techniques harmonized with nature. Since these movements were directly involved with the development of the mind and body, they were meticulously researched before being taught to others. They found that practicing movements hard, expending the body's physical energy, or practicing unbalanced movement (exerting more pressure on one part of the body over another) many times caused internal bruises, shocking nerves, joints and muscles-especially in middle-aged students (40 and over).

They discovered, through centuries of trial and error, that the key was to practice fully-balanced movements that were in harmony with nature. This allowed natural energy to flow freely into the body, building strength and harmony within the body.

The proper practice of these traditional movements even at the intermediate level, coupled with special herb formulas and specialized practice equipment, was most important to treat the body and maintain balance. Without this systematic way of proper practice, it would be impossible to achieve tremendous internal strength, even if practicing a lifetime.

Instruction from a properly trained and qualified instructor is essential to prevent damaging the body from incorrect practice, and to maximize your effort and use of time. Unbalanced or fabricated movement is only equivalent to basic exercise and the techniques can, at best, prepare one for street fighting.

In newscasts from East Asia today, it is common to hear about practitioners in their 80's demonstrating these movements. Even though they are seniors, they are capable of performing with ease the complex technical movements of the traditional forms: Jung Bope (Wae Sung Jung), Pal Gae Jung, Jung Hyung (Main Hyung), Bagwa, Wae Gong, Nae Gong and Kyong Gong Sul Bope. From demonstration of their movement, it is easy to see the tremendous internal strength they have achieved. These practitioners were able to develop miraculous internal and external strength; giving them a radiant and youthful appearance, even at a much older age. This is because they practiced the “secrets” of traditional Moo Doe as passed down from generation to generation.

Through the practice of proper traditional Moo Doe, people of all ages can begin to feel immediate benefits, and develop internal, as well as external strength. This increases their potential to extend their good health and fitness into older age, without having to give up many of the activities they enjoyed in their youth. This is one of the reasons why, for centuries, the traditional Moo Doe legacy of practicing balanced movement has been guarded like a treasure and revered by so many people.


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