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Chi Gong (Gi Gong) and Nae Gong

Nae Gong

Over the centuries, throughout Asia, Chi Gong and Nae Gong were known for their effective self-defense application, and as a treatment for both mental and physical illness, (including many different types of handicaps.) When properly used it has always produced miraculous results. Since only a small number of true martial arts masters have achieved the higher levels of Nae Gong, the understanding and practice of Chi Gong and Nae Gong, by most practitioners, have only been at the elementary level. Nae Gong has much more depth than imagined, and the benefits derived are much more powerful than is understood by most practitioners.

Chi Gong is an exercise of mind and spirit through which peace and supernatural strength are achieved. Chi Gong practice is more for the general population. Nae Gong is an exercise of mind, body and spirit through which peace and supernatural strength are achieved; but at a much deeper level than Chi Gong.

Nae Gong was developed over the centuries by true Moo Doe Masters; and is the highest level of internal Moo Doe development one can achieve. It is much more difficult to achieve than Chi Gong, but the benefits are also much greater. Nae Gong is moving, striking and proper breathing combined.

The foundation of Nae Gong is Yu Dong Myung Sang (moving meditation). There are different movements to fit each person. Yu Dong Myung Sang is divided into beginning and advanced movements. In the advanced level, movements must be very accurate, and the correct herb formula must be used, along with exact pressure points, and the proper practice equipment.

Go Buk (turtle breathing)
Go Buk (turtle breathing) is a form of moving meditation that is a stepping stone to Nae Gong breathing.

Beginning Yu Dong Myung Sang is one of the eight combinations of mental and physical movements of the Nae Gong foundation. Yu Dong Myung Sang movements must be performed absolutely correct, and it incorporates a deep meditative state. This requires much supervision by higher belts, and much concentration on the part of the student. Due to the complicated nature of these requirements, only the first and part of the second of the eight levels are being taught in the U.S. today.

Nae Gong movements deeply affect all organs, joints and muscles. When properly executed, the movements greatly increase flexibility, speed, coordination and produce tremendous strength (a lifetime benefit). The benefits are infinitely greater than Yu Dong Myung Sang. The origins of both Chi Gong and Nae Gong go back more than twenty centuries, but only in the last several centuries has documentation of their benefits been available. Chi Gong and Nae Gong produce great mental, physical and spiritual qualities that benefit the practitioner's daily life. Throughout history, it has been shown to improve your family relationships, security, spiritual life, practice, work, study, health and much more.

Chi Gong and Nae Gong movements are very technical. A student must follow the exact steps. Proper instruction from a true Moo Doe Instructor is the key to success. Within two to three months of practicing an average of three to five hours per week, a student will know if he or she is getting proper instruction. If the instruction is correct, the student will experience the benefits of a relaxed mind and body: deep peacefulness, as well as a warm and vibrant body, full of energy. If the student does not experience these and similar benefits, they are most likely wasting their time and should re-examine their situation.

Chi Gong and Nae Gong revitalize the brain to remove stress. Taking a breath of fresh air or taking a vacation are common ways to reduce stress in your life. Revitalizing the brain through proper movement and breathing can be achieved through the practice of Chi Gong and Nae Gong. These procedures relieve mental and physical stress through proper balance of the mind and body, and by eliminating mental negatives. The result will be clear thought, good judgment, a calmer demeanor and improved relationships as as well.

Obtaining unlimited supernatural mental and physical strength, plus tremendous endurance, are the ultimate benefits of these techniques. Throughout the history of Moo Doe, it is known that the practice of Chi Gong and Nae Gong are the best ways to achieve these results. Once you start to practice you will feel the difference and begin to fully-understand the benefits.

Yu Dong Myung Sang
Developing internally through Yu Dong Myung Sang (above), Chi Gong and Nae Gong, one can enjoy full physical mobility and a high quality of life, even into their golden years.

As known through history, a proper Moo Doe foundation (movement) will give a person age seventy the bone strength of a person in their thirties.

Figure 4: The average percentage of bone strength loss without Moo Doe movement:
at age 20the bone starts to age and lose strength
at age 408.7% of people have brittle bones
at age 5013.2% of people have brittle bones
at age 6021.3% of people have brittle bones
at age 7026.7% of people have brittle bones


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