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Oom Yung Doe Grand Master Iron Kim demonstrates Kyong Gong Sul Bope
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Ancient Martial Arts Practice Secrets
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2.) Nae Gong (Practice steps 1-45):

Develops maximum internal strength derived from nature. Nae Gong is much more powerful than Chi (Ki), which only use short explosive blows. Movements using Nae Gong would deliver incredible sustained power (blows) that goes far beyond just physical strength. The internal strength brings out the external strength.
Sequences 1-8

  1. 1-8 (8x16=128) (mental)
  2. 1-8 (8x16=128) (physical)
breaking rocks breaking rocks
An instructor smashes 800 lbs. of rock into small pieces with a sledge hammer on Grandmaster's stomach. (for over 15 minutes timespan) Without concentrating Nae Gong energy to his stomach area, severe injury would result.
breaking a brick on a student's head
Grandmaster “Iron” Kim breaks a brick on a student's head without injury.
pulling a van with his teeth
Grandmaster “Iron” Kim uses internal Nae Gong strength to pull a full-sized van with his teeth, and and luxury car with his right hand for more than 50 feet (car is off camera behind van).


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