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Traditional Moo Doe

Oom Yung Doe Grand Master Iron Kim demonstrates Kyong Gong Sul Bope
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How to Select a Reputable Instructor

It has been a common occurence throughout history for an individual to use the good reputation of a Master or Grandmaster to enhance their own reputation. Use your common sense as to what you hear, and whom you have heard it from. Determine, for yourself, their reputation and their mental and physical abilities. Watch their demonstrations and then make your own decision. The practice of Moo Doe is directly connected with the growth of your mind and body; therefore, it is an important decision to make.

Unfortunately, there are splinter groups that are teaching “fabricated” movement that may, at first glance, resemble that of Oom Yung Doe's. These individuals discontinued learning the proper instruction as taught by the long line of Grandmasters, or never truly participated as a sincere student. These Pa Doe instructors are not in keeping with centuries of proven success. They may have been near the Grandmaster, but they did not receive instruction from him. They do not hold current certification of rank and position, or current standing in judging and teaching. Their education and training is not ongoing. They are not recognized by Grandmaster “Iron” Kim. It is foolish to believe in these individuals, who have departed from the traditional and resort to fabrication.


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