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Different Types of Instructors

In following traditional Moo Doe lineage, and in order to preserve it's prosperity, it is very important to recognize the different types of instructors: Chung, Jhoong, Ha and Pa.

In order to achieve an advanced position, it is imperative for the instructor to maintain a Chung level of character. An instructor at the Chung level of character keeps true to the Moo Doe discipline of helping others, staying with traditional values, and leaving good seeds for those who wish to follow the Chung Doe path.

There are two types of instructors at the lower Jhoong level of character. The first type of instructor tries to stay on the Chung Doe path with Moo Doe values, occasionally wanders from them, but returns. Instructors of the second type do their best to follow Moo Doe values, but decide to discontinue their training and involvement due to personal reasons (such as relocating, family problems, or illness). Upon returning to continue training and involvement, they are evaluated as to their credibility.

Ha instructors wear the face of one following the true path, while looking for personal benefit to satisfy their own greed, thus devaluing true Moo Doe morals and discipline. Without changing their character, these instructors will fail. When instructors reach this level, their position is in question, and they do not hold a current Judging and Teaching Certificate. However, they can carry on their rank and position, while trying to rebuild their understanding of true Moo Doe value.

Pa individuals are swayed by rumor, gossip, and misjudgments; and have a total disregard for the meaning of Chung Doe. These individuals are following the Pa Doe path. They are no longer recognized as instructors by traditional Moo Doe; and are damaging the martial arts image in the public's eye, leaving behind bad seeds.


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