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Oom Yung Doe Grand Master Iron Kim demonstrates Kyong Gong Sul Bope
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The training I have received has been remarkably efficacious. The learning environment is positive, challenging and highly supportive... I have increased energy, reduced stress, a clearer focus and a healthier perspective.

Barbara Chandler
Business owner
Age 48
Barbara Chandler Double Kom

There are many benefits I have gained in my training: flexibility, strength, and determination. But, I would like to share with you why I decided to be come an instructor.

Todd M. Facello LMT
2nd Degree Instructor
Todd Facello Kom

...I even began to run again. Each morning I would run 2 miles down the beach to get my body moving in the morning. I had run in high school and college, but was unable to run after Fibromyalgia set in. Again, the training that Oom Yung Doe was passing on to me was working and healing my ten years of pain... I am stronger than ever... even stronger than I was before Fibromyalgia.

Chris Gruler
Chris Gruler

...3 hours had already gone by yet I was very energized. I find every time I attend a Sae Gae MooDoe seminar my mind and body become moreharmonized, and, at such an accelerated rate.

Beau Inman
Winter Springs, FL
Beau Inman Kom

Even if it was not for the monetary gain, Oom Yung Doe would still be the best investment I have ever made in myself.

Robert Wysong
Graduate Student
Robert Wysong Double Kom

Best of all, I now have the energy to play with my children. Middle age will have to wait for a while longer!

Charlie Price
3rd Section
Age 40
Charlie Price Horse Position

As I continue my growth as a man, and someday as a physician, husband, and father, I consider myself to be extremely fortunate to have "stumbled" into Traditional Moo Doe. Through Moo Doe, I have become a much stronger, more compassionate and humble human being

Dan Paik
6th Section
Medical School Student
Dan Paik 2003 Week Long Seminar ability to cope and find healthy ways of dealing with anger, pain, stress and even euphoria is dramatically more successful. Although I still have difficulty in unorganized social situations, public interactions have become much less fearful...

Emmamarie S. Atilgan
1st Section
Maplewood, MN
Emmamarie Atilgan

I also found all the challenge and potential for growth that I could ever have wanted - in mind, body, and spirit. Through the training, I've gained a lot of self-discipline, will-power, and inner strength.

Helena Park
Helena Park

Oom Yung Doe is the third martial arts school that I have attended and by far the best. The other schools had their attributes, but they didn't help my health, mental state, and physical condition like Oom Yung Doe.

James A. Yakita
James Yakita Chung Sul Gi

Traditional Moo Doe movement has challenged me time and time again, but I have found that I am stronger, faster, more accurate, and overall healthier than I have ever been

Jeff Alas
Age 19
Second Section
Jeffery Alas body and mind are now improving rather than deteriorating as I grow older. That is a rather remarkable thing! My body is becoming more flexible, stronger and my mind is more at peace than I have felt in many years. As a side benefit, I've lost 30 pounds without even trying to lose weight.

Jeffrey W. Moore
3rd Section
Jeff Moore

...I was unable to enjoy watching my daughter as she grows, or my husband as we move through each stage of life together. I've made so much progress with Oom Yung Doe that I can now look forward to a better quality of life with both of them.

Jill McGuire, 48
Public Health Nurse, Wisconsin
Jill McGuire Pu Chae

I am aging well-free of arthritis and with great energy. The better care I take of myself, the better care I can take of others. I have a quality of life I cherish and look forward to continued achievements and knowledge with the help of Oom Yung Doe.

Catherine M. Meyers
Catherine Meyers T-Position

Realizing that I was at ground level in my training, I demonstrated 5 forms I had learned. To say the least, he was shocked and from his mouth came the words "I'm jealous. How could you learn all that in several months... those are high level forms of Kung Fu - I don't even know those."

Roger LeBlanc
1st Section International Degree Student
Software Support Manager
Roger LeBlanc

I have become an independent women doing things as much so, that my husband no longer has to take care of me.

Sandy Hammel
3rd Section
Sandra Hammel
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