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Oom Yung Doe Grand Master Iron Kim demonstrates Kyong Gong Sul Bope
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International Level Training Programs

Have You Ever Experienced Traditional Moo Doe?

Traditional Moo Doe is NOT a common martial art! Oom Yung Doe schools were the first in the United States to teach 8 martial arts as 1 from the origin of Traditional Moo Doe. Traditional Moo Doe schools are very hard to find. Only a small number of individuals in the United States have achieved and are able to demonstrate the broad range of incredible skills and abilities needed to teach a proper line of Traditional Moo Doe. Over the centuries, Traditional Moo Doe has been proven to unite the body, mind and spirit together as one force in order to achieve incredible skills and abilities. These incredible abilities are necessary to have a proper line of learning that will benefit individuals of all ages and body types. In comparison, common martial arts are generally limited to combat techniques and they often do not focus on the individual as a whole.

A practitioner must be able to demonstrate incredible skills and abilities in order to teach Traditional Moo Doe. Since the origin of Traditional Moo Doe, the only form of true recognition was a demonstration of incredible skill and ability. Similar to any professional field today, any expert will have the ability to recognize true skill and ability as opposed to someone's claim or opinion.

Throughout history, Traditional Moo Doe masters have dedicated their entire lives developing proper training techniques that encourage and develop unity of the body, mind, and spirit. Their dedication and research have made it possible for practitioners who follow and practice the same proper developmental techniques to unite their own body, mind and spirit.

Within a short period of time you will experience a rapid increase in your internal and external strength with more strength and flexibility in your joints and muscles. For the quickest and safest way to develop the body the instruction must be very personalized for the individual. An individual's age, size, shape, condition, and gender must be taken into consideration. Training techniques focus very specifically on all parts of the body that need development. Flexibility, coordination, strength, speed, body control, accuracy, reflex, jumping and turning in mid-air are among the many abilities that one can quickly achieve. Proper training allows the weaker areas of the body to become stronger while allowing the stronger areas to maintain strength. Once these areas of the body are balanced, they continue to grow stronger together, allowing all areas of the mind and body to become balanced in order to change your reality for the better.

Specific Traditional Moo Doe movements, when combined with the proper equipment of a specific weight have been known to quickly develop better control in the movement and quickly harmonize the body. The use of Traditional Moo Doe herbal equipment and topical herbs with the proper training techniques ensure much quicker and safer results as they quickly harmonize the body and increase energy flow throughout the body. This increased energy allows you to be more secure and have a much easier and happier daily life.

Do Not Neglect Yourself

By neglecting yourself, your condition can deteriorate much quicker than you realize, resulting in unnecessary physical and mental pain. Through this centuries proven Traditional Moo Doe training, you will quickly change your condition for the better and have the opportunity to choose how you live your life. Through Traditional Moo Doe development, you become better equipped for all your daily activities and you are better able to face any of life's challenges. Do not neglect this opportunity to improve yourself. Life is only once: no one has a spare life.

Training Programs
2-Month Training Program
  • Oom Yung Doe offers a 2-Month program that teaches you movements to quickly improve your condition.
  • The price is $290, which includes uniform and program material.

International Level Degree training programs
  • Oom Yung Doe offers a 2-Year 1st degree black belt program that teaches you invaluable skills and abilities, and extremely improves your condition. For the time you give now, you gain much more toward your life.
  • The 2-Year program prices are between $3,500 and $5,000.

For those with previous Oom Yung Doe experience
  • Oom Yung Doe offers an international level degree program for former instructors and students, who are in good standing and wish to continue their training.
  • This program is designed to rebuild their condition and bring them from their previous national level rank to an international level of skill and ability.
    • The program is approximately 8 to 20 months in length.
    • The prices vary according to previous rank and the amount of time needed to reach an International Level of ability. 1st section through 1st degree prices are between $1,900 and $4,700.
    • Prices for 2nd degree and above are less than $1,900

*For further information refer to the 6 panel poster (2 ˝ x 9 ˝ foot in size) which is posted in every licensed Oom Yung Doe school.
What you see in these pictures is what you can achieve.

It has been known throughout history to be nearly impossible to reach the skills and abilities seen in these photos without Traditional Moo Doe training. Remarkably, practitioners from their twenties to their senior years increasingly improve their condition and strength. This training brings the mind, body and movement together as one, leading to a higher spiritual level for greater daily benefits and a lifetime of peace.

Have You Ever Experienced Traditional Moo Doe?

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