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Oom Yung Doe Grand Master Iron Kim demonstrates Kyong Gong Sul Bope
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Oom Yung Doe Origin & History

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No matter who you are, life is only once. All human beings wish to build recognition during their lives and to leave on some seed of knowledge for future generations. Grandmaster "Iron" Kim, founder of Oom Yung Doe martial arts in the United States, believes that one of the best seeds of knowledge is that which directly benefits everyone's health and well-being.

Over the centuries, the royal families of East Asia depended on the deeper knowledge of Moo Doe (the core of martial arts knowledge) to maintain good health and to live a longer life. The most important reason to practice Moo Doe was to build inner strength, develop the immune system, and to prevent or treat illness. The mental and physical health of the royal families was critical to developing the correct judgment necessary to govern the centuries-long dynasties of East Asia. For years, the knowledge of correct Moo Doe movement was reserved for royalty, high ranking officials and prominent families in Asia. Today, in Asia and throughout the world, more and more people are having the opportunity to learn these movements, build their health and live longer, happier lives.

Grandmaster "Iron" Kim believes that passing on knowledge which benefits the health and lives of others is one way to live a meaningful life. This is why Grandmaster "Iron" Kim chooses to practice and teach Moo Doe.

Over the centuries, the practice of Moo Doe has proven to be one of many ways for people to directly benefit their health. To many, the health benefits were just as important as self defense in the practice of Moo Doe.

Over the centuries, many top martial artists have earned a respected place in history. They left behind a legacy of knowledge and understanding that helped many people find health, happiness and achieve their goals in life. They accomplished this through practicing and teaching balanced movements of Moo Doe.

The challenge for each generation of Oom Yung Doe instructors is to build a better road for others to follow. The Oom Yung Doe instructors hope that they can leave behind a clear road for the next generation of instructors and students.

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