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True Moo Doe and Benefits Beyond Health

The greatest benefits of True Moo Doe are the physical, mental and spiritual aspects. Health benefits are a small part of a belt system, but are not necessary for a belt system. Many other martial arts schools that teach fabricated movement, only promise health benefits while still promoting the belt system. These schools devalue the Moo Doe reputation and confuse someone interested in martial arts. Moo Doe is Moo Doe, and exercise is exercise. They are not one and the same. Exercise cannot be compared with Moo Doe Hyung (movement). Comparing Moo Doe to exercise makes as much sense as diving into the deep end of an empty swimming pool.

True Moo Doe is not simply movement performed with concentration. Movement with emphasis centered on external is only for the basic beginner. As learning progresses, emphasis should shift to focus on the vitally-important and much more powerful internal strength, while maintaining external excellence.

Through Moo Doe, you can achieve “mind over matter” and purify yourself of all the negative attributes that create poor mental and physical health. The benefits of Moo Doe go beyond just simple health. Only the simple, elementary level of Moo Doe is needed for the health benefit. However, if you only want the health benefit that comes naturally with Moo Doe, you can choose many different movements that will improve your health without necessarily participating in the specifically-designed programs.

True Moo Doe's roots are firmly anchored in the internal power of spiritually-guided Chung Doe.1 This power gives the body miraculous strength and longevity. You can borrow knowledge . . . you cannot borrow another body. True Moo Doe teachers with their inner spiritual strength, can become beacons of light and hope in today's world that has so many millions in great need and suffering. This is the Chung Doe of true Moo Doe.

In the end, it is the student's choice. But, the most important point to remember is: you only have one mind and one body. You can either damage it or improve it; it's up to you.

1 Chung Doe means the right road or path in life. It is an important principle of Moo Doe (martial arts) and has always been an integral part of the correct development of the individual. The principle of Chung Doe has existed long before the recorded history of martial arts, and will be here long after all of us are gone.


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