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Scholastic Achievement Awards

Many students in the Oom Yung Doe style of martial arts challenge themselves to achieve academic excellence. These efforts are enhanced when a student's academic schooling is balanced with Oom Yung Doe training - to build the mental and the physical strength necessary to achieve his or her goals. The confidence gained from this strength can assist them in all aspects of daily life. The Oom Yung Doe Scholastic Achievement Award signifies scholastic excellence, which is one of the goals of the students who participate in Oom Yung Doe training. Students learn special movements tailored to guard against the stress and fatigue normally associated with studies and exams. With the increased level of mental endurance and acuity, these students have improved in their academic performance and overall personal ability. In addition to acknowledging the students, the Schools of Oom Yung Doe also applauds parents and family members who contributed greatly to the success of their children.

Hundreds of Scholastic Achievements have been awarded to students at all levels in the efforts to achieve excellence.

scholastic achievement awards scholastic achievement awards
Juniors and children qualifying for scholastic achievement awards receive their certificates.
scholastic achievement awards scholastic achievement awards
Scholastic Achievement Awards, Seattle, WA.


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