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Oom Yung Doe Grand Master Iron Kim demonstrates Kyong Gong Sul Bope
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Recognizing an Unqualified Instructor

Many unqualified instructors will generally make false or exaggerated claims. Here are some of the more common claims:

  1. Claim to teach Chung Doe.
  2. Claim to have learned from a Master or Grandmaster.
  3. Falsely exaggerate their training.
  4. Improperly use Chung Doe uniforms.

Here are steps to take to determine the credibility of the above claims:

  1. Determine the style and history of the Chung Doe line they claim to teach.
  2. What Master or Grandmaster did they learn from? Where was he located? What special techniques did he teach? Look for evidence of when and how the instructor was tested, such as photos and current certification.
  3. How long did the instructor train under a Master or Grandmaster, and are they still receiving training? Do they have recent group photos? Request that the instructor demonstrate and fully explain the movements. A qualified instructor should be able to demonstrate using full control.
  4. If the instructor is wearing a Chung Doe uniform, he must have a current rank and position certificates, current judging and teaching certificates, current I.D. card, and group photos verified through Oom Yung Doe, Inc.

To see an instructor's ability will reveal the truth. His claims alone would be like an idle breeze - they have no value. Remember, only knowledge that is correct is worth learning and only instructors with current Rank and Position certificates and a current Judging and Teaching Certificate are recognized by Grandmaster “Iron” Kim to be in compliance with the rigorous standards of the Chung Doe (Oom Yung Doe) line of knowledge.

Your life here on earth does not last forever. You can borrow knowledge; you cannot borrow another body. Think about this because it is foolish to place yourself as the subject of an experiment. Schools are not meant to be places for misuse and abuse. Centuries of success have proven that only the true Moo Doe principle of practice is the Chung Doe (right) path of the life-winning way.

To determine which instructors follow the true Moo Doe principle, look for their current judging and teaching certificate displayed in the school, or contact Oom Yung Doe, Inc. to request verification or information at their national website to request verification or information at:


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