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Ship Pal Gae (18 Weapons)

The following explanation of weapon Hyung is at the intermediate level.

  • Proper practice combines the mind, weapon, body movement and breathing as one. The body is fully-balanced while moving.
  • Forms are soft and hard, developing flexibility, coordination, strength and speed. Strong eye contact with the opponent is maintained. Movements are usually offensive. The hands and feet are used in all different directions, moving in angles and circles.
  • The proper steps of Ship Pal Gae practice:
    1. Weapon and body combine as one.
    2. Breathing and movement harmonize together.
    3. Practice speed: fast and slow, with body movements developing flexibility, coordination and breathing control together.
    4. The weapon's direction and proper body position must be coordinated together as one. If the weapon moves one direction, and the body another, injury will result.
    5. Hard and soft movement of the weapon and the body must be properly timed.
    6. With proper practice, accuracy of the weapon strike will develop.
    7. At the intermediate level of practice, the choice of weapons must be properly matched to the individual's body. For example, it is improper for someone with a small body to practice with a Chung Yun Doe or Chong Bong. The correct choice of weapon would usually be the Doe or Kom because it is easier for a smaller person to handle. Someone can still practice with these weapons to understand the correct movements, however, it would be improper to specialize in these weapons.
    8. When a practitioner achieves harmony with the weapon (the practitioner and the weapon become one), miraculous benefits will be derived to both the mind and body.
  • Throughout centuries of research, practitioners have determined that specific weapons must be matched with the 8 different types of bodies to achieve a harmonious balance.
  • Historically, many higher practitioners reached enlightenment (Kom Song, total balance) through the practice of weapons.
  • Some practitioners who have achieved this level with their weapon of choice include:
    1. Miamoto Musashi (16th century Japanese), double sword (2 Samuri swords)
    2. U-Shin Kim (3rd Century, Korean), single Kom
    3. Chang Be (7th Century, Chinese), Jung Young Doe

    * It is harmful to the body to practice fabricated weapon's movement. Doing so creates imbalances in the joints, organs, internal systems and muscles.

    * Someone who claims to be a martial art's expert and doesn't know this information, is no different than someone who claims they know nature, but doesn't know the difference between a mountain and an ocean.


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