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The 8 Martial Arts: Kong Su (Tae Kwon Do)

Bagwa Chung Tai Chi Chung Goong Bu (Kung Fu) Ai Ki Do / Hap Ki Do
(Jiu Jitsui)
Ship Pal Gye
(18 Weapons)
Kom Do
(Samurai Sword)
Kong Su
(Tae Kwon Doe)

KONG SU translates to mean empty hand. KONG SU consists of both offensive and defensive movements. When these movements are used for defense you mainly use your forearms like a stick or weapon to block in various directions, protecting your lower, middle and upper body. Using KONG SU movements for offense the movements are primarily linear, you use your hand and feet as weapons to incapacitate your opponent.

The correct practice of KONG SU helps to provide a solid foundation for learning higher levels of forms and movements These movements are especially beneficial for younger students, providing a method to develop external strength quickly. It is recommended for individuals over 50 to practice these movements lightly without snap as to avoid stressing the joints.

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Kong Su

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